In het kader van de ontwikkelingen van het Coronavirus cancelt Boncura vanaf 15-3-2020 alle groepsbijeenkomsten. De individuele gesprekken op locatie gaan voorlopig wel door. Mocht u echter ziek zijn (koorts hoger dan 38C of combinatie van veel hoesten/ geïrriteerde luchtwegen) blijf dan thuis en bel ons op het algemene nummer. Uw therapeut kan de therapie voortzetten met (beeld-) bellen en e-health contacten met u onderhouden.
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hartcoherentie en mindfulness

Diagnosis and Treatment of anxiety and depression

Boncura GGZ specializes in the treatment of anxiety and depression. We work from a holistic model in which the mental, social and physical context of the individual is integrated within the therapy.


Boncura offers treatment:




Your treatment is (partially*) reimbursed by the health insurance. On one condition, which is a referral from your medical specialist or general practitioner to Boncura GGZ for the “basis GGZ”. A referral letter can be sent by your GP / specialist via “Zorgdomein” or by e-mail to the address below with our standard reference letter.

For more information contact us at:



phone: 053 7200 888

As part of the developments of the Coronavirus, Boncura cancels all group meetings from 3/15/2020. The individual meetings on location will continue for the time being. However, if you are ill (fever higher than 38C or cobination of many coughs/ irritated airways) stay home and call us on the general number. Your therapis can continue the therapy with (video) calling an maintain e-health contacts with you.

For video calling, we ask you to prepare and install Google Chrom on your laptop. You will then receive a link form your therapist when te conversation begins. You can download Google Chrome here

Cooperation with the hospital Medical Spectrum Twente

Read here about our cooperation with the hospital Medical Spectrum Twente
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