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hartcoherentie en mindfulness


Evidence based treatment

The methods used at Boncura GGz orgin from the clinical practice of the general hospital. Stress has an effect on the body and is therefore a factor that influences the health of people with heart problems.

Toni Madorran (director) has worked for many years with the Medical Spectrum Twente and has done research on the effect of stress on the body with his patients. Based on the results of his research and his practical experience, a coherent treatment program has been developed. The treatment method has been researched and works demonstrably: mental and physical complaints lessen or disappear.




Using apps and (digital) measuring instruments (from Heartmath, among others), insight into our clients’ health and achieved results during and after treatment are given. The combination of interventions result in a behavioral change among clients which ensures that our clients do not fall back into their old patterns. Participants in a group treatment can come into contact with each other in a safe manner and thereby motivating one another. In addition, in specific cases EMDR can be given by one of the psychologists of Boncura GGZ.

We work according to the “Trimbos” treatment guidelines for Anxiety and Depression (NL):


click HIER for the multidisciplinary guidelines for treatment of anxiety disorder

click HIER   for multidisciplinary guidelines for treatment of depression.

Take responsibility for your own health


Boncura GGz has the conviction that own behavior has a major impact on health. We are convinced that people can change, take responsibility for their own health and achieve outstanding results. Learning skills and self-management is a pre-condition or a healthier and more productive lifestyle on the long term.


Exclusion criteria

Boncura works easily, but cannot offer treatment and care to clients with

 a BOPZ status;

 aggression problems;

 severe addiction problems;

 serious personality problems;

 an age under 18 years old.