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If you have questions about reimbursements of international insurance policies for your treatment (including student insurance), please check in with your insurance policy or contact us at


Your treatment is eligible for reimbursement if you have a referral from your general practitioner for the Basic mental health care. Via the following link you can download a format for a referral letter:


standaardverwijsbrief Boncura 2019


Your doctor’s own letter that complies with the information from the standard referral letter is also sufficient. The referral letter will be sent by your doctor by post or safely via ‘ ‘Zorgdomein’. You can also take the referral letter to the intake interview, however if you cannot discuss this letter the interview won’t be possible.



This referral letter must at least meet the following requirements:

 Reference date (this may not exceed six months before the first treatment date)

 Name and function of your doctor

 AGB code of your doctor

 Stamp of the office and / or signature of your doctor

 Client data (name and address details, date of birth)

 Indication of the fact that reference is made to generalist basic mental health care.


No appointment can be scheduled for an intake if you cannot submit a referral from your general practitioner.


The following care is at your own costs:


 If you only have sleep problems that are not the result of other complaints such as anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms or, for example, ADHD, the costs are not reimbursed.

 Starting 1 January 2012, burnout is no longer covered by health insurance. From a medical point of view (DSM IV), burnout falls under adjustment disorders, and precisely those will no longer be reimbursed starting 1 January 2012. You must pay for the burnout treatment yourself as well. Often, employers are willing to pay (along).

In 2019 the obligatory deductible for Dutch insurance is € 385.00. You have to pay € 385,00 yourself for medical expenses that you incur within 1 year. The compulsory deduction does not apply to all care. See the information from the national government. This does not apply to international insurance.


No show


If you do not show up and have not reported this more than 48 hours in advance, this is considered a ‘no show’. In this case you will receive an invoice for this ‘no show’, which you cannot reimburse from your health care provider. The cost amount in 2019 € 107.50.

Your treatment can also be reimbursed entirely privately, we apply a rate of € 95 per hour, a referral from your doctor is not necessary.