Maak hier een afspraak voor een vrijblijvende intake
hartcoherentie en mindfulness

References are preferably made via:


1) Zorgdomein

Within ‘Zorgdomein’  go to “mental health care” – “adults 18 – 65 years” – “anxiety” or “mood complaints” or search “Boncura GGz”


2) standard reference letter

Download here: standaardverwijsbrief Boncura 2019

Please scan this completely filled in referral letter and send it by secure mail to or by letter post: Boncura GGz Beltstraat 43 7512AC Enschede


Upon completion of the treatment you will receive a resignation letter with a brief and concise report on the results of the treatment.

the referral letter cannot be started with an intake / treatment


Collaboration with the hospital and the first line care

GPs, but also medical specialists can refer the following patients to Boncura for the basic GGz:

 over 18 years old, with anxiety and / or mood complaints

 even if these are related to physical problems that may or may not have arisen around a medical intervention or treatment.


Boncura GGz deliberately chooses treatment programs with a clear beginning and end, which demonstrably work for specific patient groups within the basic GGz.

We do not treat patients with an indication for Specialist GGZ.

A diagnosis is not required, a suspected diagnosis or problem statement is sufficient.


If you have questions about reimbursements of international insurance policies (such as student insurance), please inquire with your insurance or contact us at